Rosie Archer: Life Member & Patron

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Rosie is dedicated to supporting the Winton Show Society and has been involved in every event since its inception in 1954 and rode in the show competing with top ranking horses and riders for many years.  Win or lose Rosie always showed the best horsemanship and got the best of every show.

Rosie had two children and was pregnant with third child John for this first show in 1954.  Her father, Harry Rogers-Davidson taught her how to prepare for showing events and took her to Pike Bros to get outfitted.  Harry as a young 14 year old, had experience in showing horses and passed this onto his three children Dick, Rosie and Robin all great horse people and involved in the industry. Later Rosie and Philippa (youngest daughter) attended riding schools in Julia Creek which was probably Mum’s only formal training.

There was a lot of effort involved in logistics, livestock breeding, training, preparing and developing children’s skills in school work, writing, cooking, riding and livestock. The road was dirt and it was 80 miles and horses and training and grooming had to be fitted in with all the other work which was extensive on Wanora Downs.  These horses were straight from the paddock (not stabled) and main preparation was to teach them how to load on a truck and keep them fit and rug them two or three days before the show to smooth their coats.  I can remember Mum doing the washing in the middle of the night after attending to the animals and children so she could make sure everyone and thing was ready for the show next day.  Mum was never late.

Rosie’s sister Robin used to time her annual visits to her father Harry and mother Winsome to coincide with the Winton Show so she could see Rosie and cheer her on at ringside.  The year she was awarded Champion Shire Hack was one of  Rosie’s husband John’s proudest moments – he didn’t say much but his face said it all!

We are not sure of the date Rosie last competed on a horse, but it is only recently that she has stopped going out in the sometimes freezing, dusty and uncomfortable weather to assist as steward.  Not sure how many years she was a steward.  Now at 90 years of age she is still there assisting in whatever way possible, even if it is just as a spectator and she still enters in the cooking sections and often brings home a prize.

Mrs Ron Axford nominated Rosie Archer nee Rogers-Davidson to become a life member and that year she lead the Parade on her horse Captain.

Rosie was really chuffed (almost emotional) when the Show Society presented her with a beautiful photograph of her on her favourite horse Captain.  Other favourite horses were Tammy a little Galloway, Timmy, Blossom, Bluebell and Frostie.

Rosie’s family and many other families have ribbons and memories of trips to the show and the side shows and meeting new friends or catching up with old friends.  The Show ball was also a big event.  The Winton show is a huge fun event for many Winton families and has contributed in developing many young lives, Rosie’s six children entered the show when old enough.

She also supports other organisations including the Pony Club for the young ones who I am sure aspire to enter in the show.

Contributed by:  Mary Webb, April 2017