John & Elinor East: Life Members

John & Elinor East: Life Members

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John.  I probably only gave a little help prior to 1961 but I decided to drive 100km in to town for the 1961 A.G.M. to join the committee and get involved.

The committee was restricted to 25 and there were 27 nominations. I was one of 2 who lost in the ballot. President Eddie Phillott came to me after the meeting and suggested I get involved and better luck next year. This I did and joined the committee in 1962.

The 1960’s was a mixed up decade with one of our worst droughts in 1965 and the next few years were not very good either and interest started to decline. I mainly worked in the ring and the sheep section at that time.

The 1970, 1971 and 1972 shows were cancelled and a special meeting was called in November 1972 to try and start again.

I accepted nomination for a Vice President position and took on the job of Chief Wool Steward even though I had never worked in the section. Fortunately a couple of men who had, helped me out. It was during my term that I suggested we add a class to the schedule creating a District Class as I realised that our district wool was finding it hard to compete with other wool from the other Central West shows. I note that it is still part of the schedule.

It was somewhere around this time that John O’Connell, Charlie Phillott and myself constructed the steel sheep yards. Unfortunately they are hardly used now but there was a lot of work involved in building them.

I was elected President in 1976 to 1978. and continued to work in the wool section.

The next project was assisting in the building of the shed to house the Ring Section materials, thus freeing up the main pavilion for the ladies. Before the shed was built all movable items were stored in the pavilion and had to be shifted out a week before the show and put back late at night after the show before we could approach the bar. I actually ran the bar a couple of times too but eventually due to disability problems had to ease off and gradually retire from it all and concentrate on enjoying them.

Elinor. I actually joined the committee in 1972 but had helped in the pavilion for some time before that. Before the men built the shed it was impossible to prepare the pavilion for the show as all the stuff for the ring was stacked in there. There was a working bee on Sunday before the show to remove it all and put the cabinets etc in place and of course it had to be hosed out before that could be done.

It was somewhere around 1976 that I took on the job of Chief Pavilion Steward which I held for a few years and was followed by the position of Trophy Steward. My job was to select trophies for all the sections . I always enjoyed exhibiting in the shows and taking an interest in all the other sections.

I was nominated and accepted the President’s Position in 1982, 1983 and 1984. I was the first female President for the Society and was greatly supported by the Committee. In those days there were more helpers which took some of the load off the President and gave the President more time to enjoy meeting up with judges and visitors from other regions.

John and I have both witnessed the vast improvements to the showgrounds since we first became involved. These improvements such as the Bar area and paving etc and the Ring and cattle facilities have greatly added to the running of the show. John vividly remembers working in the bar when the stubbies were kept in a trough full of ice in the middle of winter!!

Submitted by John & Elinor East.