Winton Show Membership

A special thanks to Tropic Fuels for sponsoring the members draw, with a $100 Fuel Voucher.

The first 15 new members to sign up in 2019 will receive 2 free show ride tickets!  Generously donated by the Showmen’s Guild.

Membership forms are available from the Winton Library, Post Office & Neighbourhood Centre.

Winton Show Life Members

Life Membership is awarded to individuals who have made an exceptional contribution over a significant period of time, as members of the Society.  Over the coming months we hope to publish stories for each of our Life Members.

John & Elinor East: Life Members

John.  I probably only gave a little help prior to 1961 but I decided to drive 100km in to town for the 1961 A.G.M. to join the committee and get involved.

The committee was restricted to 25 and there were 27 nominations. I was one of 2 who lost in the ballot. President Eddie Phillott came to me after the meeting and suggested I get involved and better luck next year. This I did and joined the committee in 1962.

The 1960’s was a mixed up decade with one of our worst droughts in 1965 and the next few years were not very good either and interest started to decline. I mainly worked in the ring and the sheep section at that time.  Read More >>

Bob Blacket: Life Member & Show Memorial

Bob came to Winton from the Mitchell area in 1957. He drew a block on the Diamantina River and subsequently named it Tibourie. At nineteen years old his dream of becoming a cattle producer was soon realized, the land and stock becoming his major focus and passion. This property was the beginning of a long and successful life in the pastoral industry.

After fulfilling the conditions of his lease, he blended into the community and soon became aware of the need to assist in events in and around Winton. Among others, the Winton Pastoral and Agricultural Society became one of his favourite attractions. Read More>>

Rosie Archer: Life Member & Patron

Rosie is dedicated to supporting the Winton Show Society and has been involved in every event since its inception in 1954 and rode in the show competing with top ranking horses and riders for many years.  Win or lose Rosie always showed the best horsemanship and got the best of every show.  Rosie had two children and was pregnant with third child John for this first show in 1954.  Her father, Harry Rogers-Davidson taught her how to prepare for showing events and took her to Pike Bros to get outfitted.  Harry as a young 14 year old, had experience in showing horses and passed this onto his three children  Read More>>

Beth Axford: Life Member & Show Memorial

Beth’s love of horses began as a young girl with her traindriving father dropping her off in paddocks full of horses outside of Rockhampton to walk through them to her Grandmothers place.

In her teenage years Beth worked as a governess at Blue Range Station, outside of Charters Towers. The Cores were a big horse family who encouraged her to camp draft with the family. This is when Beth made the cover of Hoofs and Horns as a talented rider on the camp draftscene.

In 1959 Beth married Ron Axford another big horse person, so the love of horses just got bigger! Read More >>



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